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Fatal Checkout

Book 1 of the Supremacy series

by Will Mobbs

A story about lives in criminal San Francisco after sail gave way to steam. Coal, steel and shipping shaped most lives and fortunes, followed by gambling and crime. Possibly the largest outfit operated under the Irish Kelly family, reaching the height of their power as a result of World War 2.

Inevitably, age and growth brought the need for delegation, fuelling jealousies and vengeance. Murder was commonplace and the big man, Jerome Kelly met his end in the turbulent waters almost directly under the mighty Golden Gate Bridge.
A considerable change in judicial processes engendered massive restructuring within corporate operational practises, bringing legitimacy where it was not thought possible. Control came to Mario Fantoni who had steered the organisation through this huge reshaping. However, he couldn’t escape the net and was taken out on his front doorstep, just when he was working to save his struggling marriage.
In time, his widow, unable to fill the established roll, and having come from a life in light entertainment, moved on with her new partner into the elite world of equestrian breeding. This development, far removed from lives previously filled with violence and uncertainty, brought comforting inner happiness to Rita Jardine and Mark Fallon. Their business venture grew, moulding the lives of a close knit circle of professionals, destined now to indelibly share their future, as well as their lives on the vast stud farm south of San Francisco, in the beautiful, raw majesty of the Sierra Nevada.

A Vision of Song book by author Will Mobbs

A Vision of Song

Book 2 of the Supremacy series

by Will Mobbs

Elevated from a life spent in the shadow of gangland fear and some racial prejudice, Rita Jardine and Mark Fallon, through good fortune, entered a new existence in a lifestyle far removed from where they had been for a decade.

Unhappily married to a crime boss, she still benefitted heavily when he was murdered, managing in time to divest herself of the whole complex, unsavoury set-up. A desire to move well out of the city brought about a total rethink of their life plan. A re-kindled interest in structural architecture threw up the seeds of hope for the massive tract of land which they set about converting from a run-down farm, into a high-end stud facility.

Rapid growth of the stud farm made possible, the opportunity for a classic beach wedding in Fiji, during which time, they are thrown inextricably with a blind teenager whom they feel compelled to help, and with whom they bond readily. There being no local specialist medical availability whatever, a return to the U.S. is inevitable. Being financially able to undertake this burden, brings it’s own problematic pressures, whilst creating immense spiritual satisfaction and unforeseen levels of binding love.

They are projected into being involved with the help they are affording the village and family of the girl together with the satisfying, but crucial commitment at home.

The young people they are living and working with have enhanced their family with diverse influence from Vermont, Aspen and Vancouver Island, ensuring constant visitors and sizeable business spin-offs.

The crucial time for serious surgery draws near and weeks of planning build the story until the climax covers fears and emotion in equal measure and we see how several people are affected.